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PS229 extends a heartfelt THANK YOU to our school community! We're incredibly proud of our readers and grateful for your support, which made our fundraiser a success. Our students had a wonderful time reading. We can't wait to host another Read-A-Thon next year!

Thanks again,


PS229 readers need to make sure to spend their prize money in the prize store. Any prize money not spent within 10 days after our Read-A-Thon ends will no longer be available. The prize store cannot be reopened once it is closed. All prizes will be shipped to the school.


Thanks so much,

Hi PS229 parents and guardians!
Grandparents are a huge part of our children's lives, and they can be a fantastic support in reaching those reading goals. During our Read-A-Thon, they can help encourage your child by donating to your child's reading goal. To help them get involved, below is a link you can use to easily email them about supporting our fundraiser:


Together let's encourage a lifelong passion for reading!



We're thrilled to announce that our Read-A-Thon is underway! We're counting on you to make it a success. If you haven't already, please take a moment to activate your child’s personal reader page by clicking on the following link:

It only takes a minute or two, and your support will greatly assist us in meeting our financial goals.
Click on the YOU TUBE link to see kids talking about the kinds of prizes they would like to win.

Thank you for your help in reaching our goal.


It's time for the PS229 Read-A-Thon!

P.S. 229's Read-A-Thon January 29, 2024 - February 9, 2024

Would you like to win an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney Theme Park for your family? We'd love to make that dream come true!


Our school is holding a Read-A-Thon Fundraiser, and it's a fantastic opportunity for your child to raise money while enjoying their favorite books.


As a special bonus, any child who sends 10 text messages through their dashboard to promote our fundraiser will automatically be entered into a nationwide drawing for a magical trip for four to Walt Disney Theme Park.


We'll select one lucky winner each season from all the Read-A-Thons held during that season.


To create your student account, click on the link below (less than 5 minutes):


Please watch this You Tube video by clicking on this link: to get ideas for our Read-A-Thon.


Thank you for your support,

Warm regards,