World Read Aloud Day

Class 3-3 Celebrates!


February 3 - February 7 parents can come in to read to their child's class; simply let the classroom teacher know.

And don't forget: Please bring ID and sign in at the security desk. 


February 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

You are cordially invited to visit your child’s classroom from February 3rd through February 7th   to celebrate and support World Read Aloud Day which is on February 5, 2020. 

Available to read?

  • Sign and return the attached form to your child’s teacher stating your availability.
  • Your child’s teacher will confirm the day and time of your visit.
  • Arrive on time to your child’s classroom for your scheduled visit.
  • Choose your favorite book or ask to borrow one from your child’s teacher.
  • Remember to bring your I.D. and sign in at the security desk.

Modeling your love for reading is a great way to get your child to become an avid reader! The smiles on your child’s face when he/she sees you at his/her classroom door…priceless!


________ YES, I am available to read in support of World Read Aloud Day!

  1. I am available on (day) __________________ at (time) ________________.
  2. I am available on (day) __________________ at (time) ________________.
  3. I am available on (day) __________________ at (time) ________________.
Students Name: _____________________________     Class:_________________

Reader’s Name: _________________________       Phone: __________________

Relationship to student: _____________________________________

Thank you for your support and happy reading!