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Update 5/26/20
Dear Families,

Due to COVID-19, some factors that middle and high schools consider in admissions decisions, such as state test scores, attendance, and end-of-year grades, are not available. The admissions process for middle and high schools for the 2020–21 school year has to adapt to account for the absence of this information, which schools use in ranking prospective students.

The DOE has a citywide plan for admissions for the 2020–21 school year, and will continue its plans to gather feedback from parents, students, school leaders, and others to help inform the policymaking process. The engagement plan describes upcoming parent engagements with deputy chancellors and executive superintendents in all five boroughs. Please click on the links below to read the family letter and to be a part of these discussions regarding your child's acceptance to middle school in the fall.

Letter to Familes Link

Link To DOE Admission Engagement Site for families: 
(Translated versions of the parent letter can be found here)


Update 5/11/20
Parents if your child is leaving the NYC school system, such as moving from NYC or receives an offer to attend a private, parochial or charter school that you are accepting, please contact Ms. Ryan at Please include documentation from the school, such as an offer letter, or a letter confirming that your child will be attending this school. This is very important documentation to assure your child is electronically transferred from our school database to the new school database. The articulation process begins at 229 and ends at the new school. Thank you!
Dear 5th grade Parents!
Middle school waitlists are now available for school staff and families in MySchools. Families can use MySchools to view students’ positions on waitlists, add students to waitlists, and remove students from waitlists. As previously announced, there will be no middle school appeals round this year. I have attached below a link to all things Middle School from the DOE Website and​ FAQ's regarding the waitlist process. 
NYC Department of Education: Middle School